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A Short Walk to Pluto is a rock band from Canada. Formed in 2018, the lineup consists of Emma Armstrong screaming and squeaking, Danny Moriana slappin-da-bass, Max Kaiser battling Emma for the spotlight, and Jake Biggs hitting things with other things. A Short Walk to Pluto is combining the eclectic styling of progressive rock with catchy hooks and rhythms to create a unique modern sound. This Toronto-born foursome prides themselves on their ability to connect with their fans through high energy live shows and uncompromising songwriting.

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Our First EP

Mary's Paper Boat

A Short Walk to Pluto

1 Mary's Paper Boat 4:34
2 Last Hero 5:36
3 The Flood 7:35

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Wendy the astronaut, mascot of A Short Walk to Pluto, floating in place

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